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A token is a digital unit that represents a part of the ownership of a physical asset or a digital currency. Tokens are usually recorded on a blockchain and can be bought, sold, or exchanged like any other asset.

The AZA token is used to buy and sell tokens of physical assets on the Kaliza platform. It can also be stacked and farmed, which can be an advantage for investors looking to earn passive returns on their investment.

The AZA token is listed on Raydium, a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Solana. You can buy and trade AZA tokens on Raydium by clicking on buy token on kaliza.io. To do this, you will need an electronic wallet compatible with Solana to store your tokens.

You can also provide liquidity on the AZA/USDC pair by clicking on Liquidity

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The tokenization of physical assets via blockchain is a process that creates digital tokens, also known as tokens, that represent physical assets such as real estate, cars, artwork, or anything else of tangible value.

The tokenization of physical assets via blockchain involves creating a digital token that is recorded on a blockchain, which is a decentralized and secure database that is verified and updated by a network of participants. Tokens represent a part of the ownership of the physical asset and can be bought, sold, or exchanged

The advantages of tokenizing physical assets via blockchain include ease of asset management and trading, increased transaction security, reduced transaction costs, ease of access to investments previously reserved for wealthy investors, and the ability to reduce risks associated with holding illiquid assets.

The risks associated with tokenizing physical assets include asset price volatility, uncertain regulation, security of trading platforms, and the risk of fraud and scams. Kaliza ensures the authenticity of assets, platform security, and compliance with the regulations of the countries where the assets are located.

To invest in tokenized physical assets, you need to sign up for the Kaliza platform, which offers investments in physical assets. With your AZA (Kaliza's token), you can buy the assets of your choice.

If you own a token that represents a part of the ownership of a physical asset, you are considered a partial owner of that asset. However, ownership of the physical asset itself is held by the Kaliza company, which is responsible for its management and maintenance. Ownership rights related to asset tokenization are generally defined in smart contracts and legal documents that govern the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. The person or entity holding 100% of the tokens for an asset can request management and full ownership of the asset from Kaliza. The documents are available to all platform users upon request from our services.

Kaliza ensures strict compliance so that investors can be sure that the assets represented by digital tokens (tokens) are authentic. All tokens for tradable assets on the Kaliza platform have been verified by our team and ownership is guaranteed. All official documents and ownership deeds are available upon request to all platform users.

The tokens are distributed among various budget items that contribute to the growth and development of the Kaliza ecosystem.

They are distributed according to a predefined distribution:

  • 15% go to the treasury for managing company funds;
  • 15% go to the ecosystem to develop the environment in which the project operates;
  • 12% go to the team to pay salaries and operating costs;
  • 10% go to stacking to reward token holders who participate in securing the network;
  • 10% go to farming to reward users who provide liquidity on ecosystem platforms;
  • 10% go to private sale for private investors;
  • 10% go to public sale for public investors;
  • 6% go to marketing to promote the ecosystem;
  • 5% go to development funds to finance ecosystem development projects;
  • 5% go to liquidity to ensure the availability of liquidity on markets where tokens are traded;
  • 1% is allocated to charity to support social causes;
  • 1% is allocated to airdrops, which are the free distribution of tokens to the community.

The token burning strategy is a mechanism for reducing the supply of tokens in circulation by permanently removing them from circulation, often by irreversibly destroying them. In the context of material asset tokenization, this strategy is used to maintain the balance between token supply and demand and to encourage token holders to hold them long-term. In the case of KalizaPad, the token burning strategy is used to maintain a sustainable growth model for the AZA token, motivating holders while reducing the supply of tokens in circulation.


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Copyright © 2022 Kaliza. All Rights Reserved